Free Craft Pine Cones in One Step

I feel I can trust you. That's why I'm comfortable writing that I feel like kind of a dumb dumb. Here's why. During my crafting spree over the weekend I made a fun little pine cone star made of  six tight and narrow pine cones approximately 2 1/2" long. Here's what it looked like. I thought it pretty cute and fun for the mantel decorating that's about to go off! Anyway, yesterday I heard a crash from the living room and instead of assuming the worst, which I guess involves mayhem or some other nastiness, I chalked it up to some failed craft project. I was right! I went to investigate and found my start in 6 pieces strewn across the floor. I gathered the pieces, lazily left them on an ottoman in the corner and brushed if off and got back to work. The story continues this afternoon when I was sitting on the couch daydreaming about another craft project and chowing down on some corn chips when I looked over at the ottoman and noticed a handful of gorgeous, round and full pine cones. Wait! I thought, did I move some pine cones? Wait again! I thought. No, I did not, those are my tiny pointy pine cones from two days ago, bloomed into these pretty and craft-ready little gems. Ah-ha moment!

And here's the magic. Create free craft pine cones in one easy step. Simply collect young, tight and pointy pine cones from your street, neighborhood or local park, leave the pine cones inside for up to three days and when you come back they'll be full grown and gorgeous. Enjoy! Send over pictures or pin with #naturalmakermom to show what you've been up to. We'll repin and share!

craft ready pine cones like magic from the natural maker mom


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