Embroidered Burlap Tin Can Vases

Embroidered Burlap Tin Can Vases

I love to embroider. I'm not sure it's actually called embroidering, but I use a big needle and I use embroidery 'floss' not thread! The issue is my technique. I'm not a purist and instead prefer to get things like embellishment done, and done fast. I'm sure I'll settle in to real embroidery eventually, but it's probably a decade or two out. So in the meantime, I still want to get the gorgeous effect and look of custom embroidered items and I discovered the fast and easy way to do it.

I designed these embroidered burlap tin can vases for two reasons. 1. I made slow cooker chili and had three differently sized cans to play with. 2. I love the look of burlap and embroidery and put them together and discovered the BEST medium for embroidery. Burlap was pretty much made for me (and you!) to embroider. Each wistful square of burlap is just waiting to be embroidered EASILY. I do wear glasses, but these holes I can see without specs. It's so fast and easy, holds the stitch and is forgiving at the same time. Stitches don't line up? Just push the burlap thread in the direction you want. So hot.  

Here's what you'll need

  •  three tin cans in three different sizes (black beans, large diced green chili, small diced green chili)
  • 6" burlap ribbon
  • 1 sheet red construction paper
  • red embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • glue gun/glue
  • scissors or rotary blade

Here's what you'll do

Please note I used a Back Stitch on J-O-Y, but you should use whatever's easiest and free flowing for you.

Here's a good primer on stitch types. - cut your burlap ribbon to size for each can.

Roll burlap ribbon around each can leaving a 1" seam allowance. You should have three pieces. Don't trim the height down yet, you'll be trimming a bit and then folding over into the can and hot gluing it to the inside.

Now embroider your burlap with the letters you choose: joy, merry, bright, love, peace...Using a back stitch create your embroidered letters in the super easy to use burlap.

Next cut your construction paper to size. I laid my cans lengthwise and eyeballed the width and used my rotary blade on my cutting mat. - first glue the paper to your cans - then glue the burlap to the cans. Use the base of the ribbon edge (clean!) and line this up with the base of the can.

Trim burlap to leave about 2" to fold over into the can. In the case of a 3" high can you'll be trimming 1" and leaving 2" to fold over (given your 6" wide burlap ribbon)

Glue the extra ribbon into the can and you're done! - arrange greenery, flowers, pens, kitchen items, magic wands, etc in your new embroidered burlap vases.

embroidered burlap tin can vases


embroidered burlap tin can vasesembroidered burlap tin can vases


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