DIY Chicken Wire Thanksgiving Cornucopia

DIY Chicken Wire Thanksgiving Cornucopia

I've spent some time with chickens in my day and have always appreciated the industrial, yet delicate design of chicken wire. I haven't worked much with chicken wire in my crafting, but that's about to change. This quick and easy chicken wire cornucopia centerpiece has inspired me to find new ways to wrap and twist chicken wire to my heart's content.

 This chicken wire cornucopia centerpiece won't take you more than 20 minutes and you can use it for Thanksgiving dinner if you like. It's a ready made conversation starter and all who grace your dinner table are guaranteed to be thankful for you and your sharp, crafty eye!

Here's what you'll need

  • 1 yard chicken wire (the wire is sold by the foot and a yard is PLENTY, could go 18" or 2' if you prefer, but it's about $.89/foot so worth it to buy a little extra)
  • paper template - I cut a circle with a little tab to serve as the 'tray' part of the cornucopia. I didn't use this as a pattern, but eyeballed the shape as I was cutting the chicken wire into a circle. It's helpful, but not necessary.
  • brown spray paint (or whatever color you have on hand and like for your cornucopia)
  • wire cutters
  • leather gloves
  • protective eye wear
  • gros grain ribbon (2 coordinating colors - I used orange and chocolate brown.)
  • glue gun/glue
  • seasonal flora, veggies and gourds to fill

Here's what you'll do

Roll out your chicken wire - use soup cans or rocks to hold it down. Start cutting your wire into a circle with a tab to use as the 'tray'.

Once cut, form into a cone and fold the back up into the air. Use your leather gloves and be careful for the wire spikes. Fold the little wire spikes down and into the cornucopia.

Spray paint and let dry.

Fire up your glue gun and start making your ribbon flowers. Here's how.

When the wire is dry, push the end of your sealed ribbon into the end of your cornucopia.

Glue that if you like, but it's also not necessary as the wrapping will hold it in place.

Begin wrapping the ribbon around the cornucopia. When you come to the 'tray' weave it around the edge for a great look and to protect from the wire spikes that may linger.

Fill with your fresh and dried vegetable and enjoy!


chicken wire cornucopia centerpiece

quick and easy chicken wire cornucopia centerpiece from natural maker mom


chicken wire cornucopia centerpiece


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