If abstract art confounds you, how about solving the space planning around the reams that kids create and expect to be displayed? We've come up with a few solutions to this seemingly never-ending flow of 'art'.

Wave a Banner - Turn kids' art into temporary decor by taping, stapling, hole-punching and stringing together multiple pieces of art then displaying them in a family-focused part of the home where kiddos, visitors, and you (!) can enjoy. Communicate the nature of this temporary installation if necessary to set kids' expectations and inspire them for the next round. When the exhibition is moving on roll up banners and store or let go and recycle.

Fill a book - My brilliant friend C. has a great idea that speaks volumes. She photographs her kids' art and creates quarterly or annual photo books on Shutterfly or other photo sites. There's always a coupon or free shipping floating around for these sites, so browse around and save a few bucks as you save your little's art for the decades. We recommend springing for the hard cover books so they'll stand the test of time, or moves. And take this concept one step further and knock out birthday and holiday gifts for grandma and grandpa. Use handy ArtKive to capture, store and create with kids' art. 

Create a Portfolio - Who knows, you may have a Michelangelo on your hands. Best to encourage the work by celebrating it and keeping the good stuff in good order. Purchase a large paper or fabric zipping portfolio to store both large scale and smaller works. These large, but shallow storage solutions are easy to keep in a closet or even under your artist's bed. Plan to review the portfolio at least quarterly and enjoy the changes you'll see developing.

Decoupage it! - If this sounds a little aggressive that's because it is, but it's a potentially incredible way to create heirlooms from your kids' masterpieces. Decide on what type of furniture you'd like to embellish. Think about fun items for kids rooms - chest, drawers, bedside table, Adirondack chair with a cushion for comfort, metal storage bins found at your local home improvement center. Then start sorting through the artwork bin for materials. Consider choosing a theme or color palette to guide you. Lay out all your works of art then begin trimming the edges from the focal point of the piece. Lay these pieces out to ensure you like the look then begin affixing them to your furniture. Follow these instructions at About.com on How to Decoupage.

Upcycle - When they're not looking, recycle it! Do keep pieces that have special meaning or show a new technique that your artist has learned. Store keepers in a shallow storage bin that will fit under the bed or in a closet with some space left. Choose a bit that- will accommodate large scale art that you may not want to fold in half. Whatever method you choose the manage the madness, plan to review accumulated art at least monthly. Choose your favorite pieces or those you know hold special meaning to your little ones and gently recycle the rest. Now go curate the works of your rising star!

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