Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow Hack

Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow Hack

Halloween is a time for conjuring and that's what this easy Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow hack is all about.

Take a few rags, needle and embroidery thread to create a spooky pillow that's cozy for the fall holiday too.

Let your kids help out with the shredding and embroidery for a great after school activity that's great for dexterity.

They'll get great satisfaction from their Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow Hack.

Imagine their delight when a trip to the mall this weekend reveals their magic. "Look, Mom! I did that!" Sweet and a spooky!

Here's what you'll need for your Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow Hack

  • pillow insert - I used a 16" pillow I had on hand from the basement couch. This is an upcycle project for sure!
  • 4 stained linen napkins 18-20" square. 2 white and 2 tan, if you have them. If not, use 2 old flour sack dish cloths or scrap fabric for the back and an old white pillow case for the front and mummy strips.
  • embroidery needle
  • black and white embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • stick pins
  • sewing machine

pottery barn mummy pillow hack

Here's how you'll hack the Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow

Start by setting up your work station with sewing machine.

Now plan your front and back. Cut one of the white linen napkins into 2" strips.

You'll want about 10 of these so plan accordingly. They can be cut on the diagonal too. Pop these in the dryer on a warm cycle for 10 minutes to fray the edges.

Meanwhile, embroider your eyes on the white front backing. Pin your back pieces (2) for an envelope closure.ย 

Now sew the edges.

When you're finished with your eyes and have your white strips out of the dryer, start pinning the white strips to the front white piece (the one with your eyes).

Now place all right sides together (white plus your two tan back pieces) and sew up.

Turn inside out, insert your pillow, et voila! Happy Halloween!!

halloween pottery barn pillow hack before and after

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