Remind me. What was that book that fired everyone up about American kids' eating habits? Ah, oui! It's called French Kids Eat Everything. It caused a bit of a firestorm and while I didn't read it, I got the gist from the subtitle ...How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, and Discovered 10 Simple Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters. I'm not interested in the political implications of comparing two nations' juvenile eating habits, but it's also not too far to go to comment on french food. I can tell you why French kids eat everything...French food is DELICIOUS! Try pain au chocolat, flaky croissant filled with rich and gooey chocolate. My family begs for this treat and I'm happy to comply once in a while. I am not, however, too keen on doing things from scratch for this pain au chocolat recipe. Instead, I've taken two pantry staples - Pillsbury Crescent Roll and Nutella -  and combined them for a satisfying treat perfect for the after school snack, which the French call the gouter, or a sweet breakfast morning. Whenever you choose to indulge enjoy this quick and easy pain au chocolat recipe that will have your entire famille giving you the bis bis (kiss kiss)!!
Easy Pain au Chocolat Recipe
Author: Natural Maker Mom at Satsuma Designs
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
2 ingredients for this American version of the French favorite, Pain au Chocolat. Kids LOVE this for their afternoon snack or a breakfast treat on the weekend.
  • 1 roll Pillsbury Crescent roll
  • 6 Tbs Nutella
  1. Roll out Crescent roll
  2. Use pizza cutter or knife to cut into six (6) equal rectangles
  3. Scoop 1 Tbs of Nutella and drop into center of each crescent
  4. Roll up with seam on side
  5. Bake 10-12 minutes until puffed, brown and delicious
  6. Bon appetit!!
crescent pain au chocolat recipe crescent pain au chocolat recipe


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