Will you be entertaining a princess this new year's eve? Don't despair about protocol as long as you have this DIY Lace Crown to present to all the little princesses at the new year's ball, birthday party, tea party or a Tuesday morning. With just a few tools you can create the most fanciful and fun lace crowns for your resident princess, or dare I say queen?

Here's what you'll need to create your own DIY Lace Crown

  • Stiffy fabric stiffener
  • Lace trim or other 2"+ wide trim or notion that is flat (don't try a pom pom or fringe style for this project). You can also create your own pointed crown using cotton fabric, but you'll have to sew with needle and thread instead of embroidery floss and needle.
  • Scissors
  • Old craft paint brush
  • Aluminum foil
  • Saran/plastic wrap
  • Rubber band(s)
  • Small and medium sized plant pots that are tapered and more narrow at the bottom than the top
  • Barrett or headband plus embroidery floss and needle or hot glue to affix crown to barrett or headband

Here's how you'll make your own DIY Lace Crown

Start by setting up your crafting center by spreading aluminum foil over newspaper or a place-mat where you'll apply your fabric stiffener.

Now wrap your flower pot(s) in plastic wrap. You're going to add your lace to these to give them shape.

Lay out your lace and use the craft brush to apply copious amounts of Stiffy fabric stiffener.

Be sure to apply to both sides of your lace. Now wrap the wet lace to the flower pot top of lace pointing up and use a couple of rubber bands to secure.

Be sure to take care with the top of the lace. Invert the flower pot and let the lace dry upside down so that gravity pulls on the top of the lace.

Set lace aside to dry for 24 hours. Come back and affix the barrette or headband to your lace et voila.

You're done!

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