Baby and Kids New Year Health and Home Checklist

Whether or not you make resolutions, the new year is a great time to check a few things off your list to prepare for the next twelve months to keep baby and kids (and you!) healthy and happy all year long. Here's a baby and kids new year health and home checklist to get you started checking those boxes.

These checklists below are by no means exhaustive, but they're a nice start to think about the ways you maintain and enhance health and home life in the new year. Think of these as a start and add your own, personal needs to these below. Don't get overwhelmed, rather start slow and do what makes sense for you and your family right now.

Baby and Kid Health Checklist

Quick and Easy Updates to Start the Year on the Right and Healthy Foot

  • Swap out toothbrushes to start the year with crisp brushes and clean chompers.
  • Update, renew and refill prescriptions for kids and entire family. If you need to, check in with your folks too and see if they want/need any help here. As our parents age, I believe it's a good opportunity to connect on these things before it becomes a requirement.
  • Check daily vitamin supplies and replenish as needed. If you live in the northern states talk to your pediatrician about Vitamin D supplements.
  • If nursing, the new year is a good time to clear out the freezer and fridge of old breast milk that may have passed its prime.
  • If new insurance has taken effect for medical, dental and/or optical, update your medical providers and pharmacy with this information so that when you go to for your next visit or prescription refill, all is ready to go.
  • Open, update and/or check funding of your Health Savings Account (HSA)
Baby and Kids Checklist for Home: Quick Ways to Organize for a Smooth New Year
  • Sort kids clothes for size and damage then repair, upcycle or donate clothing to a local homeless shelter or Goodwill where you can ask for a tax receipt and claim this donation on your tax return. Be sure to take an accounting of what you donate by type, size/age and approximate resale value for thorough accounting.
  • Sort toys, books, art supplies and other for damage, missing pieces etc. and donate as appropriate. You may have already sorted toys with the help of a Santa Share Sack over the holidays in which case check this off the list!
  • Open, update and/or fund your kids' 529 College Savings Plan. Lots of financial services companies like Fidelity offer these plans that in some cases come with a credit card that funds the account too.
  • Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries throughout the home. Don't forget the garage and under used spaces.
  • Give your home fire extinguisher a visual test and get it tested if needed. Allstate Insurance has a primer on testing fire extinguishers.
  • Update and sign your Will as necessary. This is especially important if you've had a child in the preceding year.
  • Gather any new and important documents and add them to a fire safe box. Here's a checklist on what to include and Not to include in a safe deposit box at the bank. This list may surprise you like it did me. For example, you'll want to consider whether you'll add the original or copies of certain documents, which you may need access to in a hurry during off bank hours.
Again, these lists are not exhaustive, but rather a tool to get the conversation and action going about creating an organized start to the new year for the entire family. What have we missed on these lists? Tell us in comments below or on InstgramFB or Twitter. Thanks and happy new year! new year health and home checklist


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