5 Easy Ways to Organize Kids' Drawers

Has the new year cleaning begun at your house? It has here and I'm both overwhelmed and thankful to be culling, sorting, donating, mending and dare I say, crafting (!) with the kids' clothes that are worn out and too small.

Here are 5 easy ways to organize kids' drawers when you're left with the still ample supply of school and play clothes. What's more about employing these 5 easy ways to organize kids' drawers is that come laundry day the kids will be able to help you when they put away their folded clothes. Make it easy on you and them with a few of these organization tips.

5 Easy Ways to Organize Kids' Drawers

1. Plan by age to encourage tidy use of the drawers. Put everyday clothes including pajamas, underwear and socks in the bottom drawer for easy access. Use the next drawer for pants and skirts, then tops and if you have the room in your dresser follow with play dresses and party clothes. The top drawer can be used for less frequently worn items - dance and sport apparel, party accessories like ties, slips and tights.

2. When you're sorting the top and bottom drawers use my favorite organizing trick of all time for small items. Insert a silverware tray into the drawer to keep underwear and socks organized and easy to reach. Also use the last in-first out (LIFO - remember this from your accounting class?!) method for even wear on clothes so that socks don't get holey too soon! I picked up my silverware tray from the Salvation Army store for $1 and love the wicker look in the drawer.

3. If you don't have a silverware tray on hand use old kids size shoe boxes. Cover them in wrapping paper for an extra cute look. Here's an easy tutorial on how to cover shoe boxes or apparel gift boxes to make any dark drawer sparkle.

4. To add a little order to the workhorse drawers - bottoms and tops - use tension drawer dividers or foldable drawer dividers to keep things tidy. Skip the store bought version and use covered cardboard from the holiday shipping boxes.

5. And if you're really motivated try shaving off prep time in the morning when heads are hazy and marking a drawer with days of the week for outfits. Reserve a lower drawer to house school clothes plus any sporting uniforms needed for the day of the week. Include the weekend if you like. Use contact paper and a Sharpie to mark the side and bottom of the drawer with the day. Then when Sunday rolls around have kids - with help as needed - plan their outfits for the week. And when you're done with the kids, here's a fun way to keep all your baubles and office goodies squared away. Try this covered cereal box tutorial for the top drawer of your desk or dresser. Have a great drawer organizing tip? Please share it with us in comments below or on InstgramFB or Twitter. Enjoy! 5 easy ways to organize kids drawers how to organize kids drawers


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