Add Sock Pockets to Leggings

Do you ever find your creative, heart-filled craft projects overlooked by your partner in life? I'm afraid I do. My husband is incredibly supportive, but he just doesn't seem to notice some of the fun things I do for the family when it comes to decor, upcycling and crafting. Until this project!

This little 5 minute project to add sock pockets to leggings elicited, 'that is probably the cutest thing I have seen!' from my darling. They were being worn by (bias warning!) the cutest little lady on the planet so I'm sure that helped. Nonetheless, I was delighted by his response and hope you'll get the same from your sweet family.

As you can see in the photos below, this is absolutely the easiest, cutest way to upcycle too small or even over-worn socks into legging pockets. If your little miss is like mine, she finds and hauls treasures wherever she goes and a pocket is really a vital part of any treasure hunt. Here I used an old pair of leggings and baby socks that I had stashed away in the 'save' bin.

I'm s-l-o-w-l-y making my way through that bin and drawing the courage required to start giving some of the baby togs away. Not easy! I loved that I could hold onto the baby socks and re-purpose them into something useful and cute for little miss. To add the socks to the leggings, simply pin the sock on and hand or machine sew in a coordinating or contrasting thread.

Enjoy this easy and cute upcycle project and share your creations with us in comments below or on InstgramFB or Twitter. turn socks into pockets how to make socks into pockets


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