DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

Where do your creative ideas usually come from? This DIY hair bow storage doll project really got me thinking about where I draw my ideas. In this case, the idea germinated from a pair of my husband's worn out corduroy pants that looked irresistible for crafting and the overflowing tin of hair bows in the kids' bathroom.

Two things to take care of, one fun project to solve the issue! Necessity indeed is the mother of invention. And a great Mom she is!

Here's what you'll need for your DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

  • piece of round cardboard, approximately 8-10" diameter
  • knit fabric in your doll's face color. I used an old sweater that I've been hacking away at for various projects. It also served my holiday teacher gift ornaments this year. I think I've gotten ore use out of this sweater as scrap than wearing it!
  • brown upholstery weight fabric, or some other woven material. Stay away from knits on this one as you'll want a little stiffness to hold the bows properly. I used one leg cuff of my husbands pant about 12" long
  • embroidery hoop, needle, and floss for the doll's face - black, brown, blue, green, red, pink, you choose!
  • felt to back the doll's face - I used a coordinating tan felt
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • suction cup or Command hook for hanging

How to make your DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

Start by measuring how much knit fabric you'll need for your face by placing it over the cardboard circle and adding 2" in order to glue the knit fabric to the back of your cardboard after embroidering. Cut out the circle.

Now embroider your sweet little doll's face. I used a heart shape for lips and followed with closed eyes and a little nose. Would be cute to use a button for a nose here too.

Then set up your craft station with sewing machine and glue gun. This project actually goes pretty fast once you've embroidered the face.

Cut and sew right sides together of two vertical strips of the woven fabric (corduroy here) for your hair on the left and right.

Now use your cardboard as a template and create a 2-ply, half circle 'bangs' piece that you'll glue to the top of your cardboard when ready.

Before you sew the bangs closed, create a little hanging tab like the one I've shown below. You can use ribbon or even hide it on the back if you prefer not to see the hook when hung.

Now start glueing.

Glue the knit doll's face to the cardboard.

Glue the side hair pieces to the front of the doll's face.

Glue the bangs with hanging tab to the top of the doll's face.

Et voila! C'est tout!

You now have a sweet hair bow storage solution for your little doll's hair accessories. Try this in all hair, eye and skin colors to make it custom for your little one. 

I would love to see your creations. Tag #satsumasmiles on Instagram and we'll share the love. And we'd love to see you on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages – thanks!

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DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll


DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

diy hair bow storage craft


diy hair bow storage craft

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