DIY Malt Ball Necklace #GoHawks

12th Fans! It's time to play with your food! Grab a package or two of Malted Beast Sweets at your local Metropolitan Market or favorite candy shop to thread this DIY Malt Ball Necklace for Super Bowl Sunday. Don't be caught without your Seahawks blue and green and don this sweet little accessory for the party.ย 

I used a medium sized embroidery needle with navy blue thread, poked a hole in one side of the malt ball then pushed it gently through to the other side. I used a pair of pliers to ease the embroidery needle out the other side and then tied the ends with gros grain ribbon in blue and green.

I used one package of Malted Beast Sweets for this necklace, but I'm headed back to the store for an other two packages; one to craft and one to eat! Kiddos asked if they can eat one for every touchdown, I say yay! Enjoy and #GoHawks!

12th man malt ball necklace diy malted beast sweets necklace


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