Toilet Paper Tube Napkin Rings

Are you the type of person who takes a theme a little too far? Tells a joke a few too many times? Laughs a bit too long at your own funnies? Me too! You're in good company, which is why I'm sharing these quick and fun little toilet paper tube napkin rings to make with the kids. These can also be made with, yes, paper towel tubes.

I've taken the Super Bowl 49 theme a little far this season as my very own (yes, mine!) Seattle Seahawks are vying for the National Championship. If it weren't for the horrible snow my Boston friends have had to deal with, I'd be inserting some trash talk [here].

As it is, our Beantown brethren are under snow cover and deserve our compassion. So here's how to make these easy little toilet paper tube napkin rings that will be a hit at the game day buffet. Gather, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, scissors and markers.

Cut paper tubes into 2-3" rings, draw and assemble as needed. Enjoy and #gohawks!

toilet paper tube napkin rings

toilet paper tube napkin rings


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