Kiss the Cook Embroidered Valentine Card

Want a way to show your favorite chef how you feel about them this Valentine's Day? Try this little Kiss the Cook Embroidered Valentine Card for the chef de maison. I used red and white bakers twine to embroider a handmade message on white card stock. You could mix up your own recipe of color and card for your Kiss the Cook Valentine Card.

If using card stock, start by cutting, scoring and folding your crease to create a card. Now, thread your embroidery needle with baker's twine and start back-stitching your design. In my case I wrote Kiss the Cook! I stitched this freehand, but you could also use a light pencil to write your note and embroidery over it. Lightly erase your pencil when complete. Here's an easy video to learn the embroidery back-stitch.ย 

Try this personalized valentine card for your barbecuing husband, best friend across the street or grandma this holiday. Add a little homemade treat or a nice new wooden spoon to keep your valentine's day cooking!

embroidered valentine card

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