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Valentine's Day is a highlight every year, but not because of the romance, flowers and more. Nope. I love Valentine's Day because I get to make (or help make) 50+ Valentines for the kids' classmates, teachers, and neighbors.

I get inspired throughout the year and once used fall leaves to make rubbings for February cards. I dried and kept the leaves for the occasion. Here's a fun design for DIY Kids Valentines that's easy for the kids to make and you to pitch in - or do!

DIY Kids Valentines

Just a few materials are needed for DIY Kids Valentines including:

  • Red and gold cardstock
  • Sharpies - black and color for your jewels
  • Scissors
  • Craft mat for cutting slits
  • Glue stick
  • 6" rulers from the office supply store. Honestly, you could omit the rulers (cost me $.89 each) and just do the crown which is still a cute way to say 'you rule, Valentine'.

How to make DIY Kids Valentines: You Rule Valentine

  1. Start by cutting out your heart shape in red cardstock.
  2. Then cut out your crown.
  3. Use the tip of your scissors to cut 2 slits the width of your ruler into your red heart. Be sure to do this on top of your craft mat to avoid marking table tops.
  4. Write your note on the heart and decorate your crown with some jewels.
  5. Glue the crown to the heart.
  6. Slide the ruler through the slits and you're done.

Now make some more and enjoy! diy kids valentines easy kids valentines


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