Make Valentine Heart Hot Pockets

Make Valentine Heart Hot Pockets

As Valentine's Day approaches hearts are everywhere! And the next place I want them is in our tummies, which is why I'm whipping up Valentine Heart Hot Pockets.

We're having friends into town for Valentine's Day and so the evening will be a family affair. I wanted to do a kid-friendly meal along with our fancier fare.

I was totally inspired and tempted by Michelle at The Gracious Housewife's recipe for Mini Heart Pies. I riffed on her tasty heart hand pies and wanted something savory that I know the kids will love.

I turn to the ever present Pillsbury Crecsent Rolls. Crescent dough is a parent's best friend in the kitchen and is the foundation for Valentine Heart Hot Pockets. 

These are best eaten right out of the oven and great for an after school snack or dinner with a couple of veggies thrown in - either in the pie or as a side.

Heart Hot Pocket Assembly

This recipe could not be easier and I tried a few methods of sealing the sides of the crescent roll dough.

I tried pinching like you would a traditional pie crust, used a fork like Michelle did and also tried folding a small edge in and pinching and twisting a bit.

I found that a simple pinch worked great for the ham and cheese hot pockets and for the pizza hot pockets I had to roll up the side a bit and pinch more securely shut to keep the sauce inside. 

To make Valentine Heart Hot Pockets

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Crack open a roll of Pillsbury Crecsent Rolls and place on your work surface.

Use heart cookie cutters or a knife to create 2 hearts from each rectangular portion of crescent roll (there will be 4 rectangles so 4 hot pockets).

Now layer toppings on one heart.

Try ham and cheddar cut into hearts, pepperoni pizza, turkey and Swiss and more.

Place the other heart on top of the first and seal shut.

Bake for 14 minutes.

Remove from the oven, let cool and enjoy!

Try these variations with the following ingredient combos:

  • Turkey and Swiss cheese
  • Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and olives
  • Nutella or other chocolate spread
  • Seasoned black beans and cheese
  • A dollop of refried beans and cheese

What other ways will you delight your little valentines with tasty treats?

Share your photos and tag #satsumasmiles Enjoy!

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