If I'm being totally honest one of the reasons I love embroidered paper valentines is that I can make them in a snap instead of paying $3.50 at the drugstore for a Hallmark card. I love Hallmark cards, but I'd also rather spend my money on craft supplies and use them to delight my valentines. Here's an easy way to make embroidered paper valentines for family and friends this holiday. The materials are so basic, but result in a great personalized card that won't be forgotten.

Start with blank white note cards or white card stock. Also contrast your valentine with red paper and pink or white embroidery floss. Use your family pet as a muse and cut out a circle and embroider Rover or Puss' face onto your valentine. I tried this pink and white heart ombre design (shown at right). For the middle hearts I twisted 2 strands of white with 2 strands of pink embroidery floss and back-stitched. Enjoy endless possibilities! Use a light pencil to mark your design that you'll erase when finished.

Now, select your embroidery floss and needle then thread and stitch using a back-stitch technique. Check out this video below for a great primer. When finished with your design, cut a little white craft felt and use craft glue to cover your stitches on the inside of your card. At our house we call this painting the back of the fence! And that's it! Now create your assembly line and get these embroidered paper valentines cranked out for your sweethearts. 

This is my favorite embroidery back-stitch tutorial on YouTube. She is so clear and has great tips, eg: try to make your stitch the length of a grain of rice - so smart! 

embroidered valentine card                                             embroidered valentine card


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