Natural Room Spray and Potpourri

I love coming home to a great smelling house. Even entering our bedroom has a unique smell, one that sometimes I would love to change! My home office used to have another unique odor until I started using natural room spray and potpourri in my rooms. The entire family loves the scents I create and I leave a batch in the family bathroom for the kids to enjoy. There are two easy natural ways to achieve pleasantly scented rooms without using chemicals that come from conventional room sprays and potpourri from some of my favorite shops.

The first way to create a natural potpourri is by using tea. The strawberry and peach tea from Teavana is absolutely heaven and lasts a long time. I've been enjoying my tea potpourri for two weeks and the scent in my office is still strong. It's a great way to welcome guests into a room.

Add a handful of tea to a pretty little saucer, soap dish or other vessel. Replace tea every other week with a new blend. You can make your own tea too. Combine dried citrus rinds with cinnamon and other spices and use as your natural potpourri.

The second way to add healthy scent to your space is with a natural room spray is by mixing essential oil with a base like vodka and spray from an atomizer.

To make your own natural room spray combine 2 oz vodka with 10-15 drops of essential oil in your preferred fragrance to an atomizer. I used an old perfume bottle that I ran through the dishwasher.

The vodka helps the oil fragrance linger a little longer. Here's a chart that matches mood with essential oil so you can experiment with aromatherapy.

Make Natural Room Spray in these fresh Combinations

  • Vanilla vodka base + vanilla essential oil for the bedroom
  • Vodka base + grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime citrus essential oil for the bathroom
  • Vodka base + rosemary, lavender, sage for the kitchen

What's your favorite natural room spray scent? Tell us in comments below or on InstgramFB or Twitter.

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