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Anyone in your family been invited to a Minecraft party? Me too! What better way to celebrate the theme than to hammer out some DIY Minecraft wrapping paper for the birthday boy or girl. Our class birthday parties have featured a book exchange recently and this latest Minecraft birthday celebration was no different. A birthday book exchange in lieu of birthday gifts for a large party is a great way to get kids excited about reading and sharing their favorite titles. To make my DIY Minecraft Wrapping Paper, I checked out some Minecraft illustrations on google and tried my hand at some freehand pixel-ating. I made one very rough draft and then had fun creating my little mining character to adorn the Ikea Mala roll paper I use for all my birthday wrapping projects. And believe me, if it weren't for the fact that I had junior sorting through his books to clear out his bookshelves as I created this Minecraft wrapping paper, he would be designing his own. Next time! [Tweet "DIY #minecraft wrapping paper for #minecraft birthday parties #parenting #crafts"] DIY minecraft wrapping paper

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