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It's always a good season to make a fairy house and as the sun shines or rain falls in the Pacific Northwest, we're thankful to welcome woodland and prairie fairies here!

I didn't know about the magic of fairy houses until I became a parent and started opening my eyes and ears to the possibility of fairy visits.

Once I discovered this charming world, endless fun and entertainment presented itself.

Click through to find out how to make my cute and durable fairy house to welcome fairies to your yard all year | Fairy house magic | #fairyhouse #fairyhouses

Since we live next to a beautiful park, there's ample opportunity to comb the hillside for fairy house materials to welcome our little winged friends.

But whether or not you have a natural oasis from which to pull supplies, I have a fun fairy house project for everyone.

Optimal Housing Prices

I'm happy to share my easy and affordable DIY dollar store fairy house that takes just a few dollars to enjoy lots of fun creative time with your little winged one.

It's fun to do this activity with a group of friends like I did at the birthday party below. But regardless of how many fairy house aficionados you have on hand, this is a delightful project that can stretch kids' imaginations. What a gift!

Because there is spray paint and hot glue involved in this project, it's best to work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area for comfort and safety.

It's up to you whether you'd like your little crafter to try to spray paint. I used a full sized can of spray paint, but you can opt for small cans that are easy to maneuver and less expensive.

Goods To Go

A quick, but unhurried visit to my local dollar store revealed the best, durable ideas for a fairy house. I hunted the aisles and debated what might work best for a fairy campground home.

I considered making teepees out of dowels or popsicle sticks and foam or fabric. I finally settled on these sweet little aromatherapy diffusers and spray painted this fun aqua blue color.

Discover how to make my cute and durable fairy house to welcome fairies to your yard all year | Fairy house magic | #fairyhouse #fairyhouses

Project Set Up

To set up for a large scale project, set out cardboard and newspaper to catch any spray paint.

Line up your candle holders and begin to spray paint them making sure to hit the inside, backs and sides.

Let your ceramic houses dry for up to two hours before you spray a second coat.

Pro Party Tip | Plan to spray paint your houses a full day or two in advance of your fairy house making party.

Once all the homes are dry, you can begin to decorate.

  • Start by gluing in moss for a comfortable floor.
  • Add a fabric curtain and banner to the 'front door'.
  • Add jewels, flowers, and beads around the base of your fairy house.
  • Top your fairy home with a large scale flower or a flag.
  • Have your little crafters create a small WELCOME mat for the front of the house.
  • Make furniture for your visiting fairies out of pine cones, twigs, twine and glue
  • The ideas are endless and only capped by your creativity.


From a House To a Home At Our Fairy House Birthday

Once the ceramic fairy houses were painted and dry, I gathered both liquid craft glue and my hot glue gun to add embellishments.

1/2" jewels from the dollar store craft aisle were easy to attach to the house with a bit of liquid craft glue. Moss was easy as well.

Next, I used my hot glue gun to add a sweet flower to welcome fairies into their new home.

It was great fun to share this project with birthday party guests like I did at my Seattle kids shop.

Discover how to make my cute and durable fairy house to welcome fairies to your yard all year | Fairy house magic | #fairyhouse #fairyhouses

Fairy House Birthday Party Plans

This is a terrific activity for any child's birthday. I can also see a fun Ladies' Night Event too!

Add lots of magic to your event when you serve tea party foods, decorate the room with fairy twinkle lights, use a little glitter (if you dare!) in your decor and keep the lighting low.

Fairy House Birthday Party Menu

Here are some food ideas to try.

  • Toadstools made from cheese sticks and a tomato or strawberry on top
  • Tortilla pinwheel snail sandwiches - be sure to add toothpicks or pretzel sticks for antenna
  • Fruit kabobs in the shape of stars, moons and more
  • Candy bark with sprinkles

Fairy House Supply List

It only takes a walk down the block to find everything you'll need to embellish your fairy house. Here is a list of materials you can hunt down in nature to use.

  • Twigs for teepees, flagpoles, fences, outdoor or indoor furniture
  • Moss for beds, outdoor landscaping, curtains
  • Stones for walkways and fences
  • Pine cones for chairs and landscape
  • Tree bark for furniture, roofs, walkways

Sewing and Craft Bin Supplies

Here are just a few items to get you started on fairy house construction

  • Fabric for curtains, interiors, flags, banners
  • Needle and thread and/or sewing machine
  • Glue sticks and glue guns for construction
  • Twine, ribbon and embroidery floss to embellish interiors and tie up twigs into furniture, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Pruners
  • Cardboard crafting mat

Care to Mingle?

Let’s connect over social media. Follow the fun on Pinterest and Instagram. Tag #satsumasmiles to share your creativity and I'll share back. 

Click through to find out how to make my cute and durable fairy house to welcome fairies to your yard all year | Fairy house magic | #fairyhouse #fairyhouses


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