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DIY Fourth of July Bike Flair

Do you celebrate the Fourth of July with a bbq and a parade? We do! Whether or not we're in an actual community parade, we love to gather with neighbors, trick out our bikes and enjoy the day together before we find a fireworks show.

Here's my DIY Fourth of July bike flair tutorial that's cheap, easy and FUN!

We start most holiday planning with a trip to our Dollar Tree store. I love this store and our local shop has a great staff that's friendly and always sweet to listen to my next project plan!

The main areas for display in Fourth of July bike flair are these

  • Handlebars
  • Wheels
  • Basket
  • Fenders

Here are the supplies you'll need to create your own Fourth of July Bike Flair

  • American flags
  • Paper or plastic streamers
  • Sparkly garland
  • Fake flowers - red and white and blue irises or hydrangeas if your store has them
  • Scissors
  • Zip ties

Here's what you can try for DIY Fourth of July Bike Flair

In the photos below you'll see my $60 Huffy Cruiser bike that is my pride and joy. I picked this up at a garage sale a few years ago for $60, cleaned it up, added my basket and have enjoyed easy riding ever since.

I've been inspired by all the cute floral handlebars I've found on Pinterest and wanted to try my own for our bicycle parade tradition.

I started with red and white flowers as I couldn't find enough blue irises or hydrangeas to use, but love the red and white effect without the blue. I think my flags complement the color scheme nicely.

Because I have a basket on my bicycle, I easily slid my flowers between the basket and handlebars and secured with some zip ties.

If you don't have a basket, simply create your flower garland BEFORE you attach it to your handlebars by laying out the flowers and using a few zip ties to create on piece. Then add your floral garland to your handlebars with two zip ties and you're done! 

Try using floral wire too if you have some on hand.

Next add your flags with a couple of more zip ties and you're done with Mom's bike!

To create extra fun bike flair for the kids, give them some streamers and sparkly garland to wrap wherever their creativity takes them. Secure easily with a couple of zip ties and trim the ends with scissors.


DIY Bicycle Handlebar Streamers

This will be its own tutorial shortly, but I wanted to share the easiest way to make awesome handlebar streamers for the Fourth of July or any summer fun.


  • Elastic hair ties or small rubber bands
  • Red, white and blue curling ribbon
  • Scissors

How to make Bicycle Handlebar Streamers

Start by cutting a dozen strips of ribbon that are approximately 18" long - 4 in your three colors of red, white and blue.

Next, hold the middle of each piece of ribbon and curl both ends. You'll now have a dozen rolled up ribbons.

Gather the middle of each ribbon and use another piece or ribbon to tie them together, now tie that bundle of ribbon to your rubber band or hair tie with a square knot so it's secure.

Finally, curl the end of the ribbon you used to tie the bundle and wrap them onto your handlebars.


How do you celebrate the Fourth of July? Show me on Twitter and I'll share!


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair


diy fourth of july bike flair








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