Felt Farfalle Hair Flair

I am constantly looking for new ways to have fun with felt! I found one in my felt farfalle hair flair project that I'm sharing here.

If you're not familiar with the Italian word farfalle, it means butterflies and is the classic name for those little bow tie pasta that we feed our own little two legged butterflies for lunch and dinner.

One of the reasons I absolutely love this project is that's is super safe for kids. I offer this craft at Satsuma Kids Shop birthday parties and our guests love it. Not only is there no hot glue involved (I know, sigh...), but the pinking shears have a naturally blunt edge so there's little risk of poked finger tips. Although, please do supervise kiddos whenever crafting and creating.

You can use these felt farfalle hair flair pieces as gift toppers, greeting card art and more. 

I also love to use my scallop shears to make rounded edges in these felt hair clips and ties.


Here's what you need to make Felt Farfalle Hair Flair

  • Felt
  • Sparkle pipe cleaners
  • Hair bands or hair clips
  • Crafting scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Scallop edge shears (optional) 

Here's how to make Felt Farfalle Hair Flair

Start by setting up your work station.

Next, use your straight edge (standard) scissors to cut small rectangles in whatever size you like. I made medium and mini sized felt farfalle hair flair by cutting rectangles in 1.5"x3" and 1"x2" rectangles.

When you've cut out all of your felt rectangles, you will now use your zig zag edge pinking shears to trim the short edges of all your felt rectangles.

You now have the base for your felt farfalle!

Pinch a piece of felt lengthwise and create nice creases that you like.

Now, leave 1/2" end and start folding your sparkle pipe cleaner around the center.

Before you are done wrapping all of the pipe cleaner around your felt, slide in your hair tie or clip and the finish wrapping your pipe cleaner.

That's it! You're done.

What's your favorite kind of hair flair to create? Show me on Twitter and I'll share! Thanks!

felt farfalle hair flair


felt farfalle hair flair


felt farfalle hair flair



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