Get Well Soon Lined Zipper Pouch

Get Well Soon Lined Zipper Pouch

Sometimes I feel the worst part of being sick is that all my creative energy is zapped. My resources go to fighting off the illness and getting back to good health.

This winter we all fought a tough bug and I wanted to turn our misery into something useful. My get well soon lined zipper pouch is my way of fighting back from a sniffly holiday break.

Get well soon fabric lined zipper pouch | Easy sewing project | #sewing

I'm so delighted to be able to offer my own Get Well Soon fabric to make my little lined zipper pouch. Available at everyone's favorite Spoonflower, my cotton Get Well Soon fabric is a great print to use to send good health wishes. 

Get well soon fabric lined zipper pouch | Easy sewing project | #sewing

My Get Well Soon fabric was inspired by the TLC we all need when we get sick or injured. Having a little first aid kit on hand is always a good idea. And why not be cute?

I stock my car and handbag with one and give my kids each a little zippered pouch to carry in their backpack. Of course, the kids' version only has a couple of bandaids, chapstick and tissues.

My adult first aid kids goes a little further to include antibiotic ointment, tweezers for sliver removal, a few cough drops and pain medication. Your family can create their own little kits using my lined zipper pouch.

Pain, Pain Go Away!

I lined my zipper pouch with a soft single loop terrycloth that I use in other Satsuma Designs. This super soft and absorbent material gives a nice feel to the pouch and gives it structure as well.

It's Easy to Install a Zipper

In spite of what you may think, it's easy to sew in a zipper and my video tutorial walks you slowly through each step to make the pouch.



While I hope you don't come down with a cold any time soon, I hope you'll try my easy to make Get Well Soon lined zipper pouch so you're ready for anything!

In the meantime, stay healthy! 

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Get well soon fabric lined zipper pouch | Easy sewing project | #sewing


Get well soon fabric lined zipper pouch | Easy sewing project | #sewing


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