Host An Adopt A Puppy Party

If you're looking for the cutest alternative to bringing home a live fur baby for a birthday gift, let me help you host an adopt a puppy party. I host these at Satsuma Kids Shop in Seattle and have been delighted by the response.

If you want to host your own adopt a puppy party, I've made it easy to plan and host with a few tips below.

Before you get started, have fun selecting the cutest little pups you can find! We have stuffed animal puppies at our website here. I used a vintage crate from my in-laws' barn that I cleaned up and prepped for our puppy party.

Host an adopt a puppy party | #birthday #party #puppy

Puppy Love

For our adopt a puppy party, I started with a cute, free Evite design that featured a little dog in a flower wreath. Yes, the cutest! There are dozens of cute puppy themed invites to choose from at the Evite website.

While I LOVE a written invitation, electronic birthday party invitations are so handy and easy to manage. I make sure to check in with invited guests who may not have seen or replied to the Evite at least 10 days in advance of the party. 

Managing your guest list gives a solid guest count and protects guests from any embarrassment if they forgot to RSVP or missed the invitation entirely.

Adopt a Puppy Party Tablescape | #birthday #party #ideas

Puppy Chow

Next, I planned my adopt a puppy party menu. As we hosted an afternoon affair, we just did fruit, veggies, cupcakes and donuts (our own little birthday puppy's request!).

Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday


Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday

Strawberry Milk with a Donut Garnish

For any party we serve our drinks in champagne flutes. This time we garnished our strawberry milk with a powdered donut hole for a tasty treat!

Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday

Diamond Collars Are a Puppy's (Second!) Best Friend

As with all of my parties, we crafted up a storm at our adopt a puppy party! We created velvet puppy collars with matching charm bracelets for the girls.

I used air dry clay to make puppy paw charms using a 1/4" paw stamp on the clay. The charms took one full day to dry and were ready to paint. We used acrylic paint, which is fast trying, so that we could string the charms and have them done and ready to hand out to our guests at the end of the party.

Crafting Tip | Give guests a small paper dessert plate to paint their charm on. Write their name on the paper plate to ensure that everyone gets their own artwork back. This makes for super easy clean up too!

Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday


Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday

Make It Official

I created these adopt a puppy party adoption certificates for all of our guest. The kids loved coming up with their puppy's name and giving him or her a birthday. Our guests varied on the birthdays: party day, their own birthday, another special day. Fun!

Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday

Adopt A Puppy Party Printables

I hope you'll use the printables I've created below to treat your birthday little one with an adopt a puppy party to remember! 

It's easy to make all of the elements below. To make, simply print each PDF file onto 65 lb. or 80 lb. white card stock.

In the case of the cupcake toppers, use a 2" round paper punch to punch out the paws and glue a toothpick between two paper.

The crate sign should be printed on card stock as well, but the adoption certificates can be printed on copy paper.

Above all, enjoy!

Puppy Paw Cake and Cupcake Toppers (PDF)

Puppy paw cake and cupcake topper printable | #birthday

Adopt A Puppy Crate Sign (PDF)

Adopt a puppy crate sign printable | #birthday

Adopt A Puppy Adoption Certificate Printable (PDF)

Adopt a puppy adoption certificate printable | #birthday


Adopt a Puppy Party | Birthday party ideas | #puppy #birthday 


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