15 Kids Table Manners for Fuss-Free Holiday Feasts

15 Kids Table Manners for Fuss-Free Holiday Feasts

If you're headed over the river and through the woods or even down the hall from the kitchen, you may need a bit of back up when it comes to helping your little turkeys eat and act politely this holiday season. I know I will!

I'm sharing 15 kids table manners for fuss-free holiday feasts. Extended family and friends will be bowled over by the perfect table etiquette they'll see when kids follow these easy tips.

15 kids table manners for fuss-free holiday feasts | SatsumaDesigns.com #holiday #manners

Basic Table Manners

As Satsuma Kids Shop where I teach my Magical Manners class, we focus on foundational, easy to remember table manners that will last a lifetime. Every child has heard these requests before, but they may not understand the WHY behind the WHAT.

In our lessons, we talk about the result of having nice manners at and away from the table. I hope that the notes the follow each of these will help create an open conversation with your children about why it's important to be polite at the table.

  • Napkin on lap - Imagine the laundry load without a napkin! A napkin is a must to keep food stains to a minimum as well as a place to deposit a tough bite as a last resort.
  • Chew with your mouth closed - If you've looking into the belly (or the mouth!) of the beast you know the terror. For everyone at the table, it's GROSS to chew with your mouth open!
  • Don't talk with your mouth full - Please see the item above. In addition, it's a choking hazard to talk with your mouth full as you pull air into your mouth, which can pull food down the wrong tube.
  • Sit up at the table and properly on your chair - Not only is it most polite to sit nicely at the table, but no slouching or sideways sitting means easier digestion and happy tummies.
  • No elbows on the table - Please see above. Also, it's very rude to scoop food as opposed to lift your arm to take a bite with silverware.
  • Use silverware properly - No stabbing with knives! This may take a lesson in proper silverware use, but it's worth it when kids know how to hold a fork, knife and spoon for soup.

magical manners class at Satsuma Kids Shop in Seattle #manners #etiquette

Magical Manners

  • Wait for everyone to be served before beginning to eat.
  • Compliment the chef and host(s).
  • Take a little bit of all foods whether or not you plan to eat all of your portion.
  • Take at least two bites of all foods on your plate.
  • Don't play with food.

Finishing Touches

  • Give thanks for the meal.
  • If appropriate to ask before everyone is finished eating, be sure to ask to be excused from the table.
  • Remove your plate from the table and take into the kitchen and place in sink or better, put in an empty dishwasher.
  • Write a thank you note! Here's an easy guide to writing a thank you note. 

15 kids table manners for fuss-free holiday feasts | SatsumaDesigns.com #holiday #manners



15 kids table manners for fuss-free holiday feasts | SatsumaDesigns.com #holiday #manners



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