How to Host a Crafty Baby Shower For All Skill Levels

How to Host a Crafty Baby Shower For All Skill Levels

I had the extreme delight to host a Pink, Pink, Pink craft-filled baby shower recently. As guests were invited from all parts of the Mom-to-Be's life, a variety of skill levels and interests were represented at the party.

As any good hostess would, I wanted to honor my Mom-to-Be's crafty wishes, but make all guests feel comfortable. To do that, here's how I hosted a crafty baby shower for all skill levels.

I started by creating craft stations for two easy to make, yet high impact projects: DIY decoupage baby hangers and hand-stamped onesies. I got all of the supplies from my local craft shop, which were affordable and abundant. I had plenty of Mod Podge left over!

diy decoupage baby hangers 

As guests arrived, they were greeted with a champagne flute of fizzy berry water and my favorite baby shower game. We played the clothes pin baby game that's fun for every generation. Grab my free printable here.

Next we tied into some bite-sized morsels and had a seat around our large table. We started with the DIY decoupage hangers to get everyone acquainted with each other and share some laughs with Mom-to-Be. 

After we had a few hangers completed we moved on to hand-stamped onesies from Carters. Be sure to purchase fabric stamp pads and heat set the stamped artwork with a no-steam iron when complete.

DIY Decoupage Baby Hangers

One of my favorite craft projects, these DIY decoupage baby hangers are so easy to make. With just a few materials, you can create a fully stocked closet for Mom-to-be.

Our party made these decoupage baby hangers and hung hand-stamped onesies on them to create a ready-made layette for Mom-to-Be.

DIY Decoupage Baby Hangers Materials

  • Baby hangers
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Exacto Knive
  • Scissors
  • Tulle and/or ribbon

How to Make Decoupage Baby Hangers

Start by deciding what direction you want your paper to run.

Then, paint one side of your hanger with Mod Podge and place it on the paper. Cut the paper around your hanger leaving approximately 1/4" of paper that you will then fold onto your hanger at the end.

Do the same thing for the other side with your paper.

Now run Mod Podge around the top, bottom and sides of your hanger and fold the 1/4" excess paper onto the hanger. Add a little more Mod Podge on the first layer of paper and fold the remaining side in, if necessary.

Use your Exacto knife to cut around the hanging hook if needed.

Finally, tie a bow around the top of your hanger and enjoy!


diy decoupage baby hangers


diy decoupage baby hangers


Pink, Pink, Pink Baby Shower Treats

I used my favorite tiered treats tower to display all of the pint-sized food for the baby shower. Using a combination of one or two bite treats allowed everyone to enjoy their food and craft at the same time.

pink, pink, pink baby shower theme

pink, pink, pink baby shower theme 

pink, pink, pink baby shower theme

pink, pink, pink baby shower theme

pink, pink, pink baby shower theme


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