Seashell Napkin Rings

Seashells evoke summer to me and they're a great way to bring the summertime to any season when entertaining. We've hosted Mermaid and Moana birthday parties at Satsuma Kids Shop and these Seashell Napkin Rings create the perfect effect to delight birthday girls and their families.

These are absolutely gorgeous for a beach wedding or baby shower!

I could have called these seashell napkin wraps, but rings seemed more obvious. I love the way these wrap twice around a napkin and are tied nicely with a tulle bow.

I've used a scallop seashell in this project because I love the scallop shape and they lend themselves perfectly to the napkin rings as they're flat and easy to work with.

Pair these seashell napkin rings with my seashell place cards for extra seashell fun!

Let me know what you think when you make your own and whether you agree how fast and easy these can be! 

Seashell Napkin Rings Materials

  • Seashells - collect your own at the sea shore or great a bag at your local craft store or Amazon. I love to use scallop seashells for this project because they're flat and are easy to attach to the tulle ribbon.
  • Tulle ribbon - I use my favorite 6" wide tulle on a spool
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Scissors

Here's how to make Seashell Napkin Rings

One of the many benefits of this easy project is how fast it is to make these.

Plug in and heat up your glue gun then start by cutting a length of tulle ribbon 24". 

Tie the tulle in a knot which will make it easy to glue to the back of your shell.

Next, add a dab of glue to the flat side of your tulle knot and press it into the center of your scallop sea shell. If you prefer a different look than centered, simply place your tulle at top or bottom of your shell.

Set your shells aside to dry fully.

When your shells are dry, place your shell on top of your napkin and wrap each end of the tulle around the back to meet in the front and tie with a bow.

That's it! Enjoy these easy and lovely seashell napkin rings at your next seaside inspired party.

How do you celebrate with seashells? Show me on Twitter and I'll share!



diy shell napkin rings


diy shell napkin rings


diy shell napkin rings


diy shell napkin rings


diy shell napkin rings


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