Kids Desks That Will Make Them Smarter

Kids Desks That Will Make Them Smarter

Without a doubt, one of my most proud up-cycling moments came a handful of years ago when I found my son's current desk on the side of the road in a friendly Seattle neighborhood.

With a little elbow grease and a few coats of stain, we now have a fully functional, modern style and attractive work station. Add a lamp and a thrift store chair that I recovered and I created an effective homework station that he uses and appreciates.

It's not easy to find a FREE desk, but with a little imagination and some inspiration from the images below it's possible. I had a ball scouring Houzz, one of my favorite home and design resources.

Beyond the furniture, there are few considerations when creating a comfortable and focus-inducing space for your little scholars.

How to Make Homework Effective

There is much debate on the utility of homework. I'm in the 'some is great' camp and have created zones in our home that support calm and focussed work. Here's what we do. I'd love to hear from you too!

  • Give your young students their own space that they can both help design, care for and is out of the main traffic patterns of the home. 
  • Get them comfortable. Make sure you create an ergonomically correct chair/desk environment. Make sure the chair seat is soft and supportive.
  • Help keep distraction to a minimum. Stay away from the kitchen (the heart of the home) and any screens that may tempt focus.
  • Keep tools at hand. At the beginning of the year, quarter, project, etc. map out tools needed to complete homework assignments. Store them in an organized manner at the work station. Ask kids to be responsible for keeping these stocked and organized.
  • Create a routine and schedule. We do homework as soon as we arrive home from school, which can vary with activities, but my scholars have clear expectations in mind of when they'll do their homework. There are no questions, excuses and limited objection! 

How do you create a calm and focussed environment for your students? Let's chat on Twitter

Kids Desks That Will Make Them Smarter

For a trio of scholars, try something like this that spans the wall and has plenty of upper storage space for books and supplies. 


Stretch the bounds of a hall closets when you turn them into study centers. Leave doors on to close when not in use. Be sure to include ample lighting!


When going to the expense of built in, be sure to protect your investment with tempered glass top or acrylic that's less expensive and can be replaced periodically.


This smart kids workspace doubles as a bed side table for two kids. Try this excellent use of space for your scholars!

Photo by Contemporary Kids


Turn confusing space into useful space when you create a homework station. This can be used for all family members as a peaceful nook on a landing with excellent lighting!


Great easy to build in desk and shelf combo that can grow with a little one.


A shallow wall does double duty as a study center with an off the shelf...shelf table top. Add chairs that will grow with your scholars and you have a flexible space that can include additional storage above and below as needed.

Consider adding rolling carts below table top for school and art supplies!


Adjustable shelving is a great idea in a study space as focus and interest change as your scholar grows. 


Plum out of space indoors? Send 'em to the garage! A great alternative if space is at a premium. This heated work space is great for kids who can burn off steam with active play between workbook pages.


Love this use of wall space to collect art and school work throughout the year. A solid workspace becomes a gallery!




kids desks that will make them smarter


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