Savor Family Travel with Recipe Postcards

Savor Family Travel with Recipe Postcards

If you're back to school and work schedules a little too soon, you're not alone! Summer is quickly becoming a memory with the cooler weather, but I have a fun way to keep the warmth all year long. My favorite way to prolong a summer vacation is to pair my favorite dishes from the journey with a postcard from the destination.

Using a postcard as a recipe card from your summer travels is an inexpensive and thoughtful way to capture the memory. When our family travels, we love to play 'food critic' sharing our thoughts and opinions on the meals we eat, the ambiance of different bistros and so much more.

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We each pick a favorite meal and a dish that we'd like to recreate at home to relive the moment. I drop into a gift shop where I pick up postcards to distribute to the family and we all have fun jotting down what we think the recipe calls for. When we need help, we simply Google the recipe or one that's close.

Summer All Year

We like to make our summer recipes at least once per quarter so everyone gets a chance to relive their happy memories. In the meantime, we store our recipe cards on the fridge or in my recipe accordion file folder where I can easily access it when meal planning for the week.

How do you like to capture your happy summer memories?

savor family travel with recipe postcards | #travelhack #familytravel #recipes #recipehack #satsuma

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savor family travel with recipe postcards | #travelhack #familytravel #recipes #recipehack #satsuma


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