Embroidered Hand Warmers

Who said that about keeping you with me in my pocket?

This Valentine's day give your sweetie something to hold onto in the shape of an embroidered hand warmer featuring the face of someone they love (and yes, that could be you!)

embroidered family faces hand warmers

I started by raiding my scrap fabric bin looking for soft knits. A hand warmer should be soft to the touch and a little hefty in the hand to grip and keep finger tips warm and toasty.

I scrounged up an old sweater and scraps from old cords.

Then I moved on to design my faces and embroider all the elements - hair, eyes, nose and mouth - on a small 4" embroidery hoop.

diy embroidered hand warmers

This 4" size embroidery hoop has been so handy lately with holiday gifts and now these little embroidered hand warmers. For your own design you might want to use an erasable pen or light pencil to sketch out your design.

I used paper and pencil and then did my embroidery by freehand. I had a couple of trial and error events as I didn't love my lips or eyes in a couple of cases. I don't consider adjustments mistakes, rather a chance to try again and continue to hone my embroidery skills.

embroidered baby face hand warmer

Embroider your hand warmers using a back stitch.

If you want a primer on the back stitch, this is the best one I've found on YouTube. Here's how to embroider a back stitch

Once you have your faces embroidered, find a nice knit or woven fabric to back your hand warmer. I used more sweater and a fun wool

I found from about 10 years ago - perfect use of scrap material! Now serge, machine or hand sew right sides of your hand warmers together leaving a 1" hole to turn right-side out and fill with rice using a paper made funnel for convenience.

Now hand sew the small hole closed, et voila! You're done! Wouldn't a little litter of kitties or puppies be adorable hand warmers?!

 how to embroider a back stitch

embroidered baby face hand warmerdiy embroidered hand warmersembroidered family faces hand warmers

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