5 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Hosting a baby shower this spring or summer? Try these gender neutral baby shower theme ideas featuring sustainable and eco-friendly elements that make hosting them easy and fun. Inspired by sweet themes that evoke cozy nurseries and the great outdoors, our 5 gender neutral baby shower themes can be pulled together using upcycled materials. Call on guests to present gifts within theme so mom-t0-be is feted in style. Here are some ideas to create a memorable party to welcome sweet baby.

Baby Book Worm Build Baby's Library

Invitations: Create whimsical baby shower invitations using pages from old baby books and nursery rhymes.

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  • Decor: Baby books and classic characters will set the stage here. Use books for centerpieces and buffet decor. Pair books with a color pallet that matches and if possible bring in plush characters that tie in with the theme. Add over-sized balloons and flowers in the same color to add continuity. Menu: Have fun creating a menu that pulls from mom-to-be or hostess' favorite nursery books. Try tea sandwiches, jam tarts and fruits that frequently pop up in kids' books. Gifts: Build baby's library when guests bring a new copy of their favorite book read as a child. Invite mom-to-be to add a few of her favorite titles to her Amazon.com baby registry. Games: Book trivia and winner gets a gift card to her local book shop! Party favor: Sweet little notebooks with a custom sticker or other with the guest's initial embossed on the front.

Teddy Bear Tea

Invitations: Find a sweet teddy bear paper invitation or create your own using a felt paw holding a paper invitation.

Decor: Load the party zone with stuffed plush teddy bears. Use honey pots to hold yellow and white daisies and use honey droppers as name cards as guests' place settings.

Menu: Create a tea sandwiches menu that includes tea served with honey. Add petit fours for dessert and lots of clotted cream and scones with jam for munching.

Gifts: Invite guests to use mom-to-be's baby registry, but try to find bear themed items within her list: onesies, pacifier clips, hooded towels, bath toys, dishware for first foods and more.

Games: Adapt one of these baby shower games at Parents.com for the teddy bear theme and enjoy!

Party favor: Gift guests with a jar of local organic honey and a couple of home made scones to enjoy on Sunday.

Blooming Baby!

Floral theme that calls for cut flowers Invites: Create custom seed packs for guests featuring the invitation and mom-to-be's favorite wild flower mix. diy seed packet invitation

Decor: Floral fiesta! Fill the house or venue with mom-to-be's favorite (or seasonal!) blooms. Depending on her style, use mason jars for vases or more modern vessels in squares and cylinders.

Menu: Hit the farmers' market for local produce for a picnic style buffet. Toss a green salad, mix a fruit salad, offer baguettes, cheese (hard and soft), and cured meats. Add an egg dish too. Use plenty of herbs to bring the outdoors in to the party.

Gifts: Invite guests to have fun with natural theme. Choose greens, leaves, neutral blooms in prints and choose registry items that are natural and organic and made in the USA.

Games: Do a fun 'he loves me, he loves me not' game with paper daisy petals that has to do with funny baby issues: boy or girl, short or long labor, hair - no hair, good sleeper - not so great sleeper...

Party favor: potted herb or plant

Location theme

Use mom and dad's heritage or home town as a starting point for either a single location theme or a mashup up of home towns or aspirational locations, eg: Paris, London, Montreal, etc. Have fun planning a menu that features mom's favorite dishes (that don't make her gag!)

Invitations: Use mom or dad's home team flier as an invitation for a couple's baby shower. Call the stadium to order old copies to use and mail.

Decor: Dress up the space with icons from home. Colors, pennants, items that evoke the place, mementos for mom and dad's childhood combine for a cozy and nostalgic baby shower.

Menu: Try local favorites with a twist or make it easy and order catered food from her hometown. Find favorite family recipes from grandma-to-be and invite family and friends to help by bringing a dish if hosting a potluck.

Gifts: Shop on registry, but add little touches from home. Shop locally, when you find items made in her hometown that she'll cherish for their quality and provenance.

Games: Create a hometown and mom's childhood trivia game. Be sure that some guests are acquainted with the answers!

Party favor: Find one of mom-to-be's favorite home town treats - cupcakes, gift shop, sports team - and choose something that connects the place to the moment.

Birds + Bees

Invitations: Find lovely pre-printed paper invitations or create your own using old bird and nature book pages from your local used book store.

Decor: Set a centerpiece of spare branches peppered with pretty little blue birds and bees found at your local craft store. Make your birds and bees from paper. Fold origami birds like these.

Menu: Create a rustic, natural menu of a hearty casserole, fresh salad and fruit, add a fruit tart for dessert.

Gifts: Find sweet gender neutral items on registry that evoke nature.

Games: Adapt one of these baby shower games at Parents.com for the birds + bees theme and enjoy!

Party favor: Find sweet little bird or bee theme cosmetics or zip bag for guests to enjoy.  

diy seed packet organic baby shower invitation


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