Is the snow melting yet at your house?

Spring is inching along in Seattle, but to speed up Mama Nature's annual arrival, we took things into our own hands and made silk flower hair clips for little miss.

This easy kids craft is a fun indoor activity that's bright and festive to get everyone ready for springtime bling.

Materials to Make Silk Flower Hair Clips

To make your own silk flower hair clips, gather some scrap silk shantung or taffeta or other shiny, but thicker fabric.

Find some coordinating felt and a blank hair clip or an old one you don't mind gluing over, hot glue or craft glue for kids and scissors.

The beauty of this little 20 minute craft is that it's the perfect length of time to hold the kids' interest and offers immediate gratification.

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How To Make Silk Flower Hair Clips

Start by cutting 5 or 6 layers of silk in concentric circles. These shouldn't be perfect circles so let the kids have at it.

Then cut a 12" long by 2" wide strip of silk to make the center of your flower. Try my 30 second flower making tutorial by searching on 30 second flower at upper left.

Now glue your largest silk circle to a quarter size felt circle that's been cut in one place to allow the clip to slide through.

Then glue the remaining smaller layers of silk together starting with the largest on the bottom.

Add your flower bud to the top, glue your clip to the felt, and you're done!

Did you create your own springtime hair flair? Share your creations by tagging #satsumasmiles. Enjoy!



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