5 Ways To Help Kids Give Back During the Holidays

5 Ways To Help Kids Give Back During the Holidays

While the holiday season gets busy, it's a special time to make an effort to give back to our communities. My family and I have been fortunate to contribute in a few ways over the years.

Here are 5 ways to help kids give back during the holidays. I hope you find a couple of ideas to enjoy with your little elves this season. 

Plan a Visit to Grandmother's House (someone's Grandmother!)

Contact local senior citizen centers to schedule a supervised visit with children.

Bring craft supplies, playing cards, board games and puzzles to engage residents. 

Invite young musicians to play their favorite songs for residents and invite friends to create a concert. Let children make a concert program in their handwriting and photocopy to distribute.

Send your Love

Invite children to send a note of holiday wishes and gratitude to an armed service member serving in the United States and abroad.

Operation Gratitude is an amazing organization that distributed care packages and cards to servicemen and servicewomen around the world.

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Feed the Hungry

Children can plan, promote and host a food drive to help stock food bank pantry shelves during the holiday season.

School children could ask teachers if they'd like to host a classroom food drive.

Encourage students to make posters and decorate donation bins to make giving festive and memorable.


Lend a Hand

With weather turning sour during the winter months, encourage kids to reach out to neighbors and family who might need some help with yard work.

Clean off slick sidewalks on a regular basis for a next door neighbors.

For inside help, encourage kids to help neighbors decorate for the holiday or make a few ornaments or garland to hang in a neighbor's front window.

Help at Home

Giving back to a community for the greater good doesn't have to move beyond the front door. Helping kids find ways to help the family is a wonderful way to teach a message of care.

From walking the dog to sorting toys and putting away clothes, there are a dozen ways kids can help out during the holidays.

If sorting toys is popular with children, encourage them to find a few lightly used toys to donate to a family shelter. 

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