DIY Ballet Tutu Cupcake Topper

DIY Ballet Tutu Cupcake Topper

Is there anything cuter than a ballerina birthday party? I'm recognize I'm biased, but I say no! I've shared my DIY ballet tutu cupcake topper project below to turn any party into a ballet party or any day into a celebration.

diy ballerina tutu cupcake topper

Easy Party Planning

With a little preparation, it's easy and beautiful to host a ballerina party of any kind. Ballerina parties are great for birthdays, club gatherings, baby showers, girls parties - endless possibilities!

ballet tutu cupcake topper

Here are some easy party planning tips that I use when I'm hosting a party at Satsuma Kids Shop, my home, or helping a friend or client create memorable events that delight.

How to Host a Ballerina Party


Maybe the best part of any Ballerina party is the decorations! Have the best time pulling together all of the pink you can find in your house, fabric bin, local dollar store and more.

Use Tulle fabric and 6" wide ribbon to create streamers, chair bows, and tablescapes.

Purchase dollar store pink and/or white paper cups and line them half way down with tulle for a festive cup.

Do the same with pink paper plates and tie a tulle bow around forks or any silverware needed for your feast.

Bows everywhere! Use extra wide pink ribbon to create garlands and bows on every available space.




Play Ballet Simon Says or use Angelia Ballerina Dance with Me Board Game to instruct kids in basic ballet moves.

Have the kids choreograph their own dance to perform for parents upon pick up. Brava!


Create a DIY Tutu and Wand station where kids can weave their own tutus and decorate magic wands. Use 6" wide tulle rolls and ribbon to create the tutus and paper straws with tulle bundles to make the wands.

Ask the kids to bestow a special wish on the birthday kid with their new magic wand! 

Ballet Beauty Shop! Have fun creating ballet buns for all the guests and then sprinkle them with glitter.

Here's What you Need to Make DIY Ballet Tutu Cupcake Toppers

  • Ballet Leotard Printable
  • Tulle for ballet skirt - I use 6" wide tulle on a roll
  • 3/8" wide ribbon for waistband bow 
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue stick or glue gun
  • Sharp scissors

ballet tutu cupcake topper

Here's How to Make DIY Ballet Tutu Cupcake Toppers

Start by printing out my ballet leotard printable on white card stock. 

Cut out the leotards and set aside.

Cut your tulle skirts - measure 4" of tulle for each skirt.

Now, use your glue to cover the BACK leotard piece (you'll note the back is solid and the front has design - scallop, heart and Dance).

Place a toothpick on the leotard.

Place your tulle that you've gathered into a skirt on the glue as well.

Now, glue the FRONT leotard piece and place it on the back with the tulle skirt and toothpick in between.

Tie a bow in your ribbon and glue to the front.

That's it. You're ready to party!

Ballet Leotard Printable

Ballet Leotard Printable

ballet leotard printable




ballet tutu cupcake topper


ballet tutu cupcake topper


ballet tutu cupcake topper


ballet tutu cupcake topper


ballet tutu cupcake topper 


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