Run for the Roses | Kentucky Derby Garland

Run for the Roses | Kentucky Derby Garland

Are you planning a Run for the Roses party this Kentucky Derby weekend?

If you're like us and love the ponies and all the pomp and circumstance, try this easy Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby Garland to decorate for the big races.

Run for the Roses Garland

I made quick fun of this double red tissue paper garland that I crafted into rosettes and tassels. 

I started by making a dozen red tissue paper rosettes, using my 30 second flower method. You absolutely cannot lose with this easy flower making method that turns any long piece of paper, tissue paper, fabric, kraft paper, etc. into a sweet little rose.

After I made my rosettes, I used an embroidery needle and baker's twine to string them up.

Next I turned my hand to my tissue paper tassels and used my handy Martha Stewart Fringe Cutter. If you get this or already have it, you MUST use pieces of scrap paper to get a clean cut with the blades.

You'll see these notes in the Amazon reviews and I tested and it's really necessary. If anyone knows of a better fringe cutter that doesn't require this extra step, I'd love to know in comments below. Thank you!! That said, this machine is fun to have on hand.

However, you need not use a cutting machine and turn instead to your trusty craft scissors to make lovely tassels.

I've shared my step by step photo tutorial below for easy tassel making. Send me any questions on Twitter or in Comments below.

Here's What You Need To Make Your Run for the Roses Garlands

  • Red tissue paper, ideally 20"x 30" sheets, but use what you have. Scout your old gift wrap too and repurpose old gift bag tissue!
  • Scissors or fringe cutter machine
  • Baker's twine or ribbon to string garlands
  • Tape or Command hooks to hang
  • The winning pick to Win, Place or Show!


Make Your Own Tissue Paper Tassels

Follow along in my step by step tutorial after you fold a 20"x 30" piece of tissue paper in half and half again, then cut 1/2" fringe along the open longer edge, NOT the folded edge. 

Unfold and begin!

When you have your tassels completed, you can tie a small bit of twine or ribbon around the top of the fringe/bottom of your twist to secure. This is not necessary though, as the tissue will stay twirled on its own.

When you have your garlands ready to hang, use 3M Command hooks to attach to the wall, mantle or other for easy, no mess clean up.




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